Law of Self Defense Video Cast 002: Defense of Others: Pragmatic and Legal Differences from Self-Defense


Hey folks, Here's the videocast and podcast for Episode #002-002:  "Defense of Others:  Pragmatic & Legal Differences from Self-Defense."

(Earlier versions of both of these had a typographical error, as well as--much to my chagrin--a curse-bomb I forget to edit out. :-)  Both errors are corrected in this version.)



The RSS feed for the podcast is: If you search for it on iTunes using "Law of Self Defense" you ought to be able to find it there, as well, but I'm still having problems actually subscribing via iTunes. Technology.

Alternatively, you download the podcast via the direct download url.

I'm always interested in topic suggestions for future video/podcast episodes, so if any come to mind please feel free to send them to me at

–-Andrew, @LawSelfDefense

Andrew F. Branca is an MA lawyer and the author of the seminal book “The Law of Self Defense, 2nd Edition,” available at the Law of Self Defense blog, (paperback and Kindle), Barnes & Noble (paperback and Nook), and elsewhere.