“Road Rage” Murder Trial Delayed to July


Hey folks, The "road rage" murder trial of NJ Detective Joseph Lamont Walker, charged with first degree murder for the road-side shooting death of Joseph Dean Harvey, Jr., originally scheduled to begin today, has been pushed back two months until Monday, July 21, 2014.  Jury selection is now scheduled to begin on Friday, July 18, 2014.

Legal Insurrection has previously covered this case extensively, including at the links below.  We're also preparing a comprehensive overview of Maryland laws governing self-defense and defense of others to provide a robust and common foundation for discussion of the case as the trial proceeds.

As it happens, Maryland is among the minority of states that has effectively no self-defense statutes,.  Instead, the laws governing use of force reside entirely in court decisions.  This makes accessing MD self-defense law rather difficult for non-lawyers, a difficulty we will try to address with our MD self-defense law overview.

To read the whole post, head over to Legal Insurrection:

“Road Rage” Murder Trial Delayed to July

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