Andrew Branca's NRA Annual Meeting Talk Profiled in GUNUP Magazine


Hey folks, I was just sent a PDF of an article written by Rob Reed for GUNUP Magazine, in which he highlights my talk at the NRA's Firearms Law Seminar at the Annual Meeting last April.  Magazine issue date is June 2014, I just got sent this a week or so ago, but, hey, bragging rights. :-)

Anyway, here it is, enjoy:

And for those who'd like to see the video of the entire talk, here you go:

The latter part of the speech is actually a presentation of a "Downfall" parody involving my victory of the UC Berkeley Law School "Stand-Your-Ground" debate--that's not visible in the video of my NRA talk, but you can view it here:

And if you're interested in seeing the UC Berkeley debate itself, you can do so here:

UC Berkeley Debate on SYG: Andrew Branca’s Lethal Opening Statement