LI: Baltimore Mayor’s Staffers Jumping Ship


We're all familiar with the proverb, rats flee a sinking ship. To see this in action on a human scale we need look no further than the offices of Baltimore Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake. In a story that's gotten remarkably little news coverage, the Baltimore Sun Times reports that four of the Mayor's highest ranking staff have quit since six Baltimore police officers were charged in the death of Freddie Gray.

Among those who have resigned:

LeVar Michael, Head of the mayor's Office of Nonviolent Programs, resigned on Wednesday, May 20.

Angela Johnese, Director of the Criminal Justice Office, resigned on Friday, May 22.

Heather Brantner, Coordinator of the Mayor's Sexual Assault Response Team, also resigned on Friday, May 22. (Coincidence?)

Perhaps most shocking however, was the next resignation the following week:

Shannon Cosgrove, the Mayor's own Deputy Director, resigned Tuesday, May 26 (the day after Memorial Day.)

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