AoSHQ: Obama Gets Gun-Stupid, Ace Kicks Him in the Nads


Within hours after the horrific mass shooting at Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal church in Charleston SC on June 17, 2015, President Obama was once again moved to put his ignorance on the global stage. Adhering to his motto of "Let no crisis go to waste," Obama immediately sought to advance the traditional Progressive agenda item of making it more difficult and costly for law-abiding Americans to arm themselves against criminal, and other, forms of predation by calling for a raft of new regulations on gun ownership.

During his prepared remarks to the press Obama claimed that:

At some point, we as a country will have to reckon with the fact that this type of mass violence does not happen in other advanced countries.

This questionable statement caught the attention of phenomenal blogger Ace of Spades HQ ("Ace," to those who owe him a debt), who looked into the matter.  What followed was a swift (albeit figurative" boot toe to Obama's nads:

Meanwhile, our Low Information President wants to know why these sorts of mass shootings never happen in other advanced Western democracies, many of which have adopted sensible, pragmatic Total Gun Bans, such as England, Australia, Canada, France, Belgium, Germany, France, Norway, France, and even Denmark.

I note that after 7 years of being President and with his retirement from that office coming none-too-swiftly, Obama to this day keeps his academic records sealed.

Could it be because his grades were just that damn good?  He doesn't want to shame the rest of us with his stellar academic achievements?

Or might there be some other reason?

To see Ace's original comment, and the now (at the time of writing of this post) the more than 800 comments that followed, click here:

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