LOSD Begins Sponsoring Gun Forums


Hey folks, It's been our experience that internet gun forums smell bad.

Well, at least they used to smell bad.  Traditionally we've found that most internet gun forums had a noise-to-signal ratio akin to a thousand Quint's dragging five thousand fingernails across a thousand chalkboards.


So, we stayed away.

Recently, however, we've been told that some of the internet gun forums had professionalized, including much consolidation, and had become places were reasonable people could actually talk guns and training and (gasp!) even law and politics without going at each other's throats.

We started looking around just this past weekend to see if there was any truth to that, and it appears there might be.

So, we're putting our toe back in the water and checking out "Internet Gun Forums 2.0," with sponsorship of selected top-tier forums.

The first we've sponsored is Carolina Shooting Club, which covers both North and South Carolina, and which I understand is a recent consolidation of several previously independent forums.

Being unfamiliar with forum rules in general, and those of CSC in particular, we're taking baby steps to make sure we don't inadvertently violate any codes, but we expect we'll start posting there on NC- and SC-specific self-defense law with some frequency, as well as announcing upcoming Law of Self Defense Seminars.

In fact, here's our first substantive post there: Law of Self Defense Seminar, Sun. August 9

And here's our first try at a banner ad for CSC:


We'll be sponsoring other top-tier gun forums around the country, as well, so if you have any to recommend we'd be glad to take a look.