WeaponsMan Reviews Law of Self Defense Seminar


Hey folks, The weekend before last the boss over at the always excellent WeaponsMan blog attended my Law of Self Defense Seminar: MA & NH held in Haverhill MA.

He was, as one would expect having read his blog, a true gentleman, and a pleasure to talk with.

Then late last week he posted up on his blog a review of the seminar, and it was humbling to read, to say the least, especially given the source. He wraps up his review with this parting suggestion:

This seminar is highly recommended. If you carry your firearm without this knowledge, you are at risk of a wide range of bad outcomes, including arrest, incarceration and imprisonment.

Naturally, I encourage you to read-the-whole-thing, all ~1,800 words of it. :-)

And if WeaponsMan.com is not in your RSS feed, you're missing out on a truly well-informed and savvy weapons-oriented blog. So stop doing that, and get on board.