LI: Freddie Gray Trial: William Porter ordered to testify in trials of other officers


From my post over at Legal Insurrection:

Numerous pre-trial rulings were made today by Judge Barry Williams, the trial judge overseeing the “Freddie Gray” trials in Baltimore.

Most were unsurprising, but one in particular raised eyebrows: Judge Williams ordered that Officer William Porter, whose case just ended in a mistrial and who is scheduled to be retried in June, can be compelled to testify in the trials of the other five officers charged in Freddie Gray’s death.

In particular, Porter will be compelled to testify in the next scheduled “Freddie Gray” trial, that of Officer Caesar Goodson, the driver of the van in which Freddie Gray suffered his traumatic neck injury. Jury selection for the Goodson trial begins next Monday.

Judge Williams’ ruling came in the form of today’s denial of a motion by Porter’s defense counsel to squash an prosecution subpoena for Porter to testify at Goodson’s trial.

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