Veggie Oil Maximus: Vuurwapen Cooks the Vanity Gun Lubes Again


Spending $24.99 for a couple of ounces of high-priced vanity lube with magical properties? Ever wonder whether you're just being sold re-packaged cooking oil?

Vuurwapen has--and he's had 'em scientifically tested:

Froglube, the minty green gun lube/toothpaste some people love and others love to hate, has been rumored to be the same as Tracklube Plus, a blue roller coaster track lubricant paste.

Seal1, an orange gun paste, has also been rumored to be the same as Froglube. If all the rumors are true, that means Froglube, Tracklube+ and Seal1 are all the same product.

But when are all the rumors true? Rumors are never true. All the rumors? Come on.

Well, they are in this case.

Really, do read the whole thing.

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