Don West Joins Andrew Branca at Law of Self Defense Seminar


Hey folks, Well, yesterday was a pure awesome. Attorney Don West graciously hosted one of my live Law of Self Defense Seminars in Orlando, and even better he immediately followed my own seminar with an hour or so presentation of his own on the Zimmerman trial. Don provided a real insider's view to perhaps the most famous self-defense case of this century.

Don West Andrew Branca 1-16-16 (1)

(Man, I simply HAVE to get to the gym. Oofah.)

Don has recently been retained as National Trial Counsel by CCW Safe, a "legal defense service membership" designed along the "police union" model and designed for law-abiding citizens charged or sued after having used force in self-defense. I have no relationship with CCW Safe, but the mere fact that they've brought Don on board in that capacity suggests strongly that they're worth a look.