USCCA CEO Graciously Hosts Law of Self Defense at HQ


Hey folks, Well this past week I was invited to give a private Law of Self Defense Seminar at the HQ for USCCA. Many thanks to Brad for arranging the event, and CEO Tim Schmidt for being such a gracious host. Fun was had by all. :-)

Shortly thereafter, Tim was kind enough to send the USCCA membership an email talking about the seminar and Law of Self Defense in very kind terms. Thanks, Tim!

Law of Self-Defense


Earlier this week, I had the great honor of welcoming author, attorney, and self-defense-law expert Andrew Branca to the USCCA Headquarters here in West Bend, Wisconsin.

Among other very impressive credentials, Branca is a Master-class IDPA competitor and an Adjunct Instructor on the Law of Self Defense at the SIG Academy in Epping, New Hampshire.

He’s also a longtime concealed carry permit holder in his home state of Massachusetts.

Branca published the 2nd edition of his book, The Law of Self Defense, in 2013—and I have to say: it’s an extremely articulate yet accessible presentation of absolutely critical information on the appropriate and lawful use of force in self-defense.

Branca writes, “You have to show that your defensive actions were lawful. Fail to do so and you’ll see your freedom will vanish like smoke in the air. This book focuses, obviously, on the law of self defense, and leaves defensive training to others. In no way does it imply, though, that your first priority shouldn’t be survival. If you are in a fight for your life, for the life of your spouse or your children or your parents, you MUST win. Period. But winning the physical contest is far from the end of the matter. Not hardly. Because now begins the legal battle for your life.”

This is obviously of great concern to ALL law-abiding citizens who choose to carry concealed firearms for defense of themselves or their loves ones—and it aligns perfectly with the USCCA’s mission to train responsibly armed Americans to defend their lives and their livelihoods both in and out of the courtroom.

And that's exactly why we jumped on the opportunity to have Branca at our HQs for an all-day seminar on the law of self-defense.

And the overwhelming message that I took away is this:

The standard of care for owning a gun is incredibly high.

The standard of care for carrying a gun is even higher.

And the standard of care for justifiably using a gun is higher than either of the other two.

See, the law of self-defense is VERY specific. And that’s why carrying a firearm for that purpose is such a huge responsibility.

Keep in mind, then, that training is only half of the battle. As Branca says, we MUST survive the actual deadly force incident. But, after all is said and done, we also want to go home to our family—not to a jail cell.

I urge you to look into your state’s laws on the use of (deadly) force in self-defense.

At the very least, get your hands on a copy of Andrew Branca’s book. We owe it to ourselves and all those we’ve sworn to protect to know what we must do before, during, and after a deadly force encounter.

Take Care and Stay Safe,

Tim Schmidt Publisher - Concealed Carry Report USCCA Founder

Thanks again, Tim!

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