PATRIOTS DAY SALE: 20% off Law of Self Defense Instructor Program (~$200)


On April 19, 1775, the British Redcoats marched from Boston through Lexington and then onto Concord MA (where the Law of Self Defense HQ is located). Their mission: to seize or destroy arms and related supplies that had been collected by the rebellious militia in preparation for the American Revolution. Having accomplished little in Lexington except the killing of a few American militiamen, the British marched onward to the Old North Bridge in Concord where they were to have a terrible awful very bad no good day. (The picture above is me standing beside the Minuteman statue on the militiamen side of the bridge, taken earlier today.)

A group of 400 militiamen from every nearby town engaged the British at the bridge and forced their retreat. The British forces would be under continuous harassing fire the entirety of their long march back to Boston. They would be met partway by a British rescue column led by General Earl Percy, who would note:

"Whoever looks upon [the rebels] as an irregular mob will find himself much mistaken. They have men amongst them who know very well what they are about, having been employed as Rangers against the Indians and Canadians, and this country being much covered with woods and hilly is very advantageous for their method of fighting."


And with "the shot heard 'round the world," the American Revolution was on!

Here in Massachusetts April 19 is celebrated as Patriots Day. In commemoration of that fateful day we are holding a Patriots Day 20% sale on the Law of Self Defense INSTRUCTOR PROGRAM in effect ONLY for the week leading up to April 19, 2016. This sale EXPIRES on April 19!

Single Payment Plan: Reduces cost from $997 to $797 (saves $200)

This sale discounts the price of the Instructor Program from $997 to $797, a savings of $200.

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Pay-As-You-Go Plan: Reduces cost from $1,180 to $920 (saves $260)

This sale discounts the price of the Instructor Program on the pay-as-you-go plan from $1,180 to $920, a savings of 20%, or $260. The first payment of $400 is made here, and gains covers enrollment and the first of 14 module. Thereafter each of the following 13 modules is at the sale price of $40 per module (total program cost of $920) instead of the non-sale price of $60 per module (total of $1,180), a savings of 20% or $260.

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If you’ve been considering enrolling in the LOSD Instructor Program but holding back, now’s your chance to get in at a substantial discount.

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