NEW! Start Law of Self Defense Instructors Program for Only $79!


Hey folks, We've had a great response to our Patriots Day 20% Off Sale for the Law of Self Defense Instructors Program, and thanks to all of you for that.

A few of you, however, had a specific question about the "pay-as-you-go" option for the program: Why did the first payment have to be $400, and the other payments so much less? Might it be possible to level out all the payments so that there wasn't such a high cost to starting the program?

Well, I couldn't think of a reason why not. As a result, we're now making the individual instructional modules of the program available at a flat rate of $99 per module, discounted 20% until April 19 to the sale price of $79 per module. No more $400 up-front fee! 

That's right, you can now get started on the Law of Self Defense Instructors Program for a mere $79!

This sale EXPIRES on April 19! Thereafter, the modules will still be individually available, but at the normal price of $99 per module.

Pay-As-You-Go Plan: Reduces cost from $99 per module to $79 per module

Now you can order access to the individual modules from the Instructor Program at the reduced sale price of $79 per module, instead of the standard price of $99 per module. Modules need not be purchased in sequence. There are currently 15 paid modules in the Instructor Program (as well as an additional two administrative modules, #14 and #16, for which there is no charge).

Click here for pay-as-you-go plan.

Single Payment Plan: Reduces cost from $997 to $797 (saves $200)

Of course, we're still offering the single-payment plan, as well. This sale discounts the price of the Instructor Program from $997 to $797, a savings of $200.

Click here for single-payment plan.

Save 20%, but only through April 19, 2016!

If you’ve been considering enrolling in the LOSD Instructor Program but holding back, now’s your chance to get in at a substantial discount.

Click here for more details on the Instructors Program, including many reviews from our graduates.

Click here for a list of many of our Verified Graduates and their feedback on the Instructor Program.