SHIPPING! "The Law of Self Defense, 3rd Edition"


Hey folks, Well, the first shipment of "The Law of Self Defense, 3rd Edition" has arrived in our offices, and we're in the process this week of fulfilling all the pre-orders and sending out the complimentary review copies.

As one might expect, we've had a number of inquiries about how the 3rd Edition differs from the 2nd Edition, so I'll describe that briefly here.

First, the fundamental principles of use-of-force law have not changed in the last three years, when the 2nd Edition was published, so the 2nd Edition remains a very sound book.  If you have a copy of the 2nd Edition and finances are tight, you should not feel obliged to buy the 3rd Edition.  I know, that goes against my own financial self-interest, but you come here for the truth, and there it is.

That said, the 3rd Edition is a much improved book.  

  • Just like the 2nd Edition, the 3rd Edition also covers all 50 states.  
  • We've added about 30% more content per chapter, as we’ve identified and addressed many new issues and questions we’ve heard from folks over the last three years.  
  • In that process we've updated and added new illustrative cases and explanations of issues and concepts.  
  • Naturally we also reviewed the many hundreds of statutes, jury instructions, and case law referenced in the book’s numerous tables, making sure that the law remained correct and updating where necessary.
  • Plus, of course, it was a chance to do a re-write, and that almost always ends up in an even clearer, more readable book.

I'm also very proud to say that the foreword to this 3rd Edition is written by no other than Massad Ayoob himself.  It was Mas, through his (then called) Lethal Force Institute class that opened this (then) young lawyer's eyes to the entire field of use-of-force law.  Truly, we all stand on his shoulders.  He is, of course, still teaching and writing, and I urge you to check out the Massad Ayoob Group--you'd be a fool not to.  You can also find his books on our recommended reading list.

As always, the 3rd Edition is written in plain English, not legalese. You're welcome. :-)

NOTE:  This 3rd Edition of "The Law of Self Defense" has also been licensed for publication by USCCA.  The two books are substantively identical, except the covers differ, and in the USCCA book the foreword is written by their President, Tim Schmidt.  It doesn't matter to me which you buy, financially it's pretty much a wash.  Here are the two different book covers, for illustrative purposes:


OK, folks, busy day today, getting out these first few hundreds copies of "The Law of Self Defense, 3rd Edition." Talk soon!