LI: "Freddie Gray: Trial of Van Driver Caesar Goodson, Day #3"


From my post over at Legal Insurrection:

News reports this evening indicate that the third day of the “Freddie Gray” trial of police van driver Officer Caesar Goodson has been pretty much of a nothing burger.

The prosecution has floated, to one degree or another, three theories of the case, as we described in some detail in our prior post:  Freddie Gray: The Relevance of Donte Allen’s Changing Earwitness Testimony.

Let’s take a look at each theory of the case in light of the reporting on today’s events at trial.

Theory of the Case #1: Murder by Failure to Seatbelt

The first of the prosecutors’ three theories of the case is that van driver Goodson ought to be convicted of depraved-heart murder and lesser charges because he neglected to seatbelt Gray into the police van.

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