Kind Mention by Andrew McCarthy at National Review Online


Andrew McCarthy was kind enough to give us a shout-out in his post at National Review on the acquittal of Baltimore Police Officer Caesar Goodson in the most recent "Freddie Gray" Case. Here's the relevant portion, but of course his whole post is worth a read:

Mosby’s office has repeatedly changed its theory of how police supposedly caused Gray’s death – because she can’t keep her facts straight, and because the facts that have been proven show that no criminal charges should have been brought. Rigging the process, Mosby has tried to influence the jury pool and has concealed exculpatory evidence from the defendants. And as Andrew Branca observes at Legal Insurrection, it has now emerged that (a) the state’s medical examiner originally believed Gray’s death was an accident despite claiming she had always believed it to be a homicide, and (b) Mosby’s parallel investigation never actually took place.

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