Man Scared Off CCW Returns to the Fold


Yesterday I wrote about an email exchange between myself and RK, who emailed me afterwards to let me know that he'd decided to give up on concealed carry after hearing my guest appearance on the Armed America Radio Show hosted by Mark Walters.  In particular, he was disturbed by my observation that a defender could do everything right and yet still end up in jail. You can read about my original appearance on Mark's show and my email exchange with RK (shared with his permission) by clicking here.

It turns out Mark actually read this email exchange on the air on his show.  If you'd like to hear that later show, you can do so by clicking the embed immediately below. Otherwise, skip the embed and keep reading.

Also, following my response to RK (after which I'd also offered him a complementary copy of my book, The Law of Self Defense, 3rd Ed., I received another email from him:

Andrew After reading your email I have decided two things. One, I would appreciate a copy of your book. And two, I will continue to carry concealed and will read your book on arrival. I really appreciate your time. Be safe RK

Welcome back, RK! And your complementary book is on the way!

--Andrew Twitter: @LawSelfDefense Facebook: LawofSelfDefense