Look what arrived in the mail ... yep, I'm back


So after a 20-year-plus absence, I've renewed my USPSA membership. Just got my card in the mail today. IMG_3219 2

Remarkably, they still had my original USPSA number--A-317**-- on file from all those years ago, so I didn't get assigned a new number.

They even still had my Range Officer certification fire (20-years expired, of course):


I'm not sure why I bothered renewing my USPSA membership, given that I'm giving classes most every weekend of the year, but I hope to make a match sometime in the future, and thought I may as well get the paperwork out of the way.  My IDPA membership is lifetime--and it's number 13! Not a typo, that's THIRTEEN--so I didn't have to bother with that one.

Well, I've got the best of intentions. Let's see what happens. :-)

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