Kind Review of recent LOSD Level 1 Class by Student


Hey folks, This past weekend I did a Law of Self Defense LEVEL 1 Class down in Naples FL, hosted by Jeff and Robyn Street of Step-by-Step Gun Training (thanks for having me back again, guys!).

As usual I enjoyed giving the class, I always do, but of course what matters is whether the students enjoyed taking the class.   One of those students affirmed that they did indeed enjoy the class by writing a very kind review.  That student, Kevin Creighton, has his own blog on which he posted his review, so I'll link you over there.  Just a couple of paragraphs first, to give you a sense of things:

After-Class Report: The Law Of Self Defense With Andrew Branca

I’ve read his book (twice), and I’ve watched all the DVD’s on self-defense law I received with my ACLDN membership at least two times each.

So why would I want to spend the money and time to also go to Andrew Branca’s Law Of Self-Defense Seminar?

Because going to the seminar means you’ll learn what Andrew Branca thunks is important about self-defense law, not what I think is important about self-defense law. One of the biggest takeaways for me from the seminar (not necessarily the book) is that a legal strategy of self-defense only applies after you admit to the fact that you used deadly force against someone to defend your life. Your defense, essentially is “Yes, I shot him/her, BUT it was justified because I did it in self-defense.”

See the problem there? You’re admitting that you shot someone, and you’re betting on the fact you did it legally because it was in self-defense. If that self-defense justification goes away, you’ve just admitted you used deadly force.

Do go read the whole thing over at Kevin's blog, Misfires And Light Strikes.

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