SPEECH: Pres. Donald J. Trump "New Chapter of American Greatness"


As many of you know, one of the things I like to do with my blog is recall famous speeches from throughout history.  It is extremely rare that a new speech makes the rotation--in fact, I don't recall it ever happening in the 5 years or so of this blog. Last night's speech by President Donald J. Trump, however, makes the cut, and by a large margin.

I'm naturally a day late here, because the speech was made just last night, but count on there being an annual reminder each February 28 of the speech that marked the death knell of the modern form of Progressive Fascism in America.

I would not as an aside that President Trump entered the room only three minutes after the scheduled start time of his speech and kept his speech to about an hour.  This is a far cry from our prior President who was routinely tens of minutes late for speeches, and whose key strength appeared to have been to read from a teleprompter for hours.

For your viewing pleasure, President Donald J. Trump:

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