Upcoming Law of Self Defense Classes, Speaking Engagements, etc.


Hey folks, Just a quick post to remind people where I'll be giving classes, and otherwise attending industry events, in the next few weeks.

First, the upcoming classes:


LEVEL 1 Class: Georgia, Saturday, May 25, Atlanta (Marietta) GA

LEVEL 2 Class: Georgia, Sunday, May 26, Atlanta (Marietta) GA


LEVEL 1 Class: Colorado, Saturday, April 2, Denver (Westminster) CO

LEVEL 1 Class (not state-specific), Thursday, April 6, Ft. Worth TX (as part of USCCA Expo)

LEVEL 1 Class (not state-specific), Wednesday, April 18, Austin (Burnet) TX (as part of the A Girl & A Gun Training Conference)

LEVEL 1 Class: Ohio & West Virginia, Saturday, Saturday, May 6, Reno OH

LEVEL 1 Class: Colorado, Saturday, May 13, Denver (Lakewood) CO

LEVEL 1 Class: Massachusetts, Saturday, April 3, Marshfield MA

Keep in mind that the 25% early-registration discounts on these classes generally expires 30 days before the class date, so register early to save.

Other places I'll be attending/speaking:

USCCA Expo, April 7-9, Ft. Worth TX.  I'll be given one or more talks at this event.

A Girl & A Gun Training Conference, April 20-23, Austin (Burnet) TX.  Think I'm scheduled to speak here, too.

NRA Annual Meeting, April 28-30, Atlanta GA.  Not speaking this year, but will be at the NRA Firearms Law Seminar on Friday, around all weekend.

I look forward to meeting you soon!

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