Ti Outdoors hosts Andrew Branca book signing at USCCA Expo


Ti Outdoors, with whom I'm working on LOSD-scripted civilian use-of-force simulation videos, is being kind enough to host me for a book signing at the USCCA Expo.  This will happen on Saturday, April 7, from 2-3pm. at the Ti Outdoors booth in the exhibit hall. The books will be FREE! and I'll be there to autograph them.  If you're really interested in a free book, however, I'd get there right at the start, as we are only bringing as many as I can fit in my suitcase (this was all decided just today, so no time to ship books down to Ft. Worth).   Of course, if you bring any edition of "The Law of Self Defense" that you already own, I'll be happy to sign that one, too.

Here's the very nice poster they made up for the event: