Great Experience Having Class Hosted by The Complete Combatant


Hey folks, I recently had a class hosted by Brian Hill and Shelley Hill at The Complete Combatant (aka Fusion MMA) in Marietta GA, and wanted to share with other trainers, and prospective students, what a great experience it was. (Brian and Shelley are pictured above.)

To be honest, I've had mixed success with having classes hosted at gym facilities. Often times the space isn't well configured for a lecture-type class of the type I do, the seating and tables aren't really adequate, and (I hate to say it) the place can sometimes smell pretty funky.

None of that was the case with Fusion MMA. The space available is large and rectangular with a big screen TV at the front of the room, and a projector screen as well. They provided more than adequate chairs and tables for the 20 or so students we had in the class. And no funky smell--the place was really spotless.

I mostly dealt with Shelley on logistics leading up to the class, and she was simply a pleasure to work with. Energetic and focused, our class could not have been the success it was without her. Of course, on site both Shelley and Brian were congenial hosts, and they made absolutely certain that everything was to my liking.

I know The Complete Combatant is working on a remarkably robust schedule of trainers with diverse areas of expertise to be able to offer their students the full spectrum of knowledge and skills they need to win both the physical and legal fight. Neither trainers nor prospective students should have any hesitation in working with them or attending classes there. I had a great experience, and I'm confident you will, as well.