Andrew Published in National Review on Iowa Going "Stand-Your-Ground"


I had a piece published this morning in National Review, on Iowa becoming the 35th state to adopt "Stand-Your-Ground"--and the third state since the Zimmerman trial to do so, despite the enormous political weight brought to bear against the legal doctrine. In contrast, no state has gone the other direction, from "Stand-Your-Ground" to "Duty-To-Retreat."

Here's a taste:

The phrase “stand your ground” entered popular parlance following the trial of George Zimmerman, who in 2013 was acquitted of murder charges after he successfully defended himself against a deadly-force attack by Trayvon Martin. Political activists whom today we would call the Black Lives Matter movement saw the Zimmerman trial as an opportunity to push their narrative of a racist and murderous white society intent on keeping down minorities generally and on killing young black men in particular.

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