NRA Bans USCCA from Exhibiting at Annual Meeting


Looks like things have gone from cold war to hot war between the NRA and USCCA.  USCCA announced today in a press release that the NRA has banned USCCA from the NRA Annual Meeting, informing them of this decision only two weeks before the meeting is to begin.  In prior years USCCA has had a very substantial presence at the NRA Annual Meeting. I can also make the observation that despite the fact that I'm an NRA Life-Benefactor member, and have been a Life Member and NRA Instructor for more than two decades, since I've begun to do work with USCCA I can no longer get speaking opportunities at NRA events, the NRA Store has ceased carrying my book (The Law of Self Defense, 3rd Edition), I can no longer obtain media credentials for the NRA Annual Meeting, and our efforts to secure a booth at the NRA Annual Meeting for ourselves could not get a phone call or email returned.  All of these were routine activities that occurred with no difficulty prior to my association with USCCA.

I've never had any communication from the NRA about any of this--they've just done it. Rather passive-aggressive. Sad.

In my opinion this move makes the NRA look terribly defensive, and suggests that they themselves believe their own offerings are not well-positioned to compete with those of USCCA. These acts of explicit hostility to other reputable members of the self-defense and gun rights community is also a disservice to that community and the NRA's purported mission as an organization for civil rights advocacy.


[4/21/17: Headline was updated to make clear that USCCA is apparently banned from exhibiting, but not banned from simply attending, the NRA Annual Meeting.]

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