Andrew Branca Mentioned on "Lull in the Fight" Podcast


Hey folks, So my old friend Charlie Riggs was a guest on the apparently new self-defense oriented podcast, "Lull in the Fight." Charlie was brought in, it seems, to talk specifically about "Stand-Your-Ground." In doing so, Charlie was kind enough to say nice things about me and to recommend my book, The Law of Self Defense, 3rd Edition (currently 25% off for the month of April!), as well as my Law of Self Defense LEVEL 1 and LEVEL 2 classes.

Here's the portion of the podcast with Charlie's appearance, and he mentions me right at about the 06:30 time-stamp. He also latter mentions Mas Ayoob and John Farnam, amongst other greats--humbling company, to be sure.

You can find the "Lull in the Gunfight" podcast generally by clicking here.

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