What Quality of Training Can We Expect from NRA Carry Guard?


Well, for those wondering about the quality of training they can expect from the NRA Carry Guard program, the featured picture is of James Jarrett, their Director of Curriculum, presenting a pistol. Note the distorted posture, the sloppy weak hand, the shitty grip, and in particular the finger on the trigger.

For a purported former US Army Green Beret and LAPD cop, he manages to look like he's never presented a pistol from the holster before.

Way to go, NRA. It's not like you don't already have 10,000 instructors who can actually properly present a handgun.

This, by the way, is an image provided BY the NRA itself. Presumably they think it demonstrates quality.

UPDATE: Rob Pincus provided a link to an article about Mr. Jarrett which notes this:

Jarrett is a Vietnam veteran, an NRA member and a combat shootist with a partial claw for a right hand.

Torn in a grenade accident, the hand was rebuilt with bone from a rib and tissue from his backside. Jarrett says he gave surgeons a pistol as a mold so his grip and trigger finger would be saved."

If the guy has a deformed hand, that certainly explains the grip, and I thank him for his service.

It does not, however, excuse the trigger finger. If you can't handle a pistol in your right hand without having your finger on the trigger as the default position, you need to learn to shoot with your left hand.

Nor does it explain why the NRA choose to use him as an exemplar of presenting a pistol. He's "Director of Curriculum," why not a photo of him at a desk?