"Law of Self Defense" Hits 100 Amazon Reviews: Rated 5-stars


Hey folks, Well, I'm pleased to note today that my book, "The Law of Self Defense, 3rd Edition" has hit 100 reviews on Amazon, and still holds a 5-star rating.  (The prior 2nd Edition has well over 200 reviews, and also maintained a 5-star rating.)

While that's great, if any of you have not yet submitted a review to Amazon, and wouldn't mind doing so, that would be great. Every once in a while the anti-2A wackos launch some effort to damage Law of Self Defense or myself, and one approach they take is to post fake bad reviews with Amazon (often in those reviews they actually concede they've not read the book!).   It's harder for a few fake bad reviews to damage the book's overall rating if there are more genuine reviews.

Of course, you don't have to give the book 5-stars in your own review if you feel it doesn't deserve them.  A simple honest review is all we ask for. :-)

If you'd like to do that, the relevant Amazon page can be found by clicking here.