Student Feedback to LOSD LEVEL 1 Class: Colorado


Here's the student feedback we received to the Law of Self Defense LEVEL 1 Class we held in Colorado this past weekend, May 20:

"The class provided in a easy to understand presentation the principles, elements and actions of self defense and how to avoid the mistake of being wrongly accuse of a crime in defending ones self." --Leonard P.

"This course is a "must have" for anyone who owns a firearm for the purpose of self defense. The course is presented in a thorough, well-structured format by an experienced attorney who specializes in the law of self defense. You will learn what you NEED to know." --Anonymous

"Excellent class and book by the [rare] subject matter expert! In my own opinion, its irresponsible to get your CCW permit and not take such a class or read this book!" --Michael S.

"Although I read the book twice- first time about 8 months ago, second time a few weeks prior to the class as a refresher- the class and discussion added and clarified several points made in the book that I would not have otherwise benefited from." --Anonymous

"You may think that you have made yourself prepared for legally and ethically carrying a gun by way of being intelligent, aware and law abiding. Guess what? There are very well prepared elements in the legal system whose goal it is to RUIN you if you misstep even a little! You had better be well educated on those particulars- TAKE THIS CLASS! You can't afford not to. The Brancas are an invaluable force in helping to create a class of truly aware and responsible gun owners. BE ONE OF US- otherwise, you may be in prison. NO KIDDING." --Ken

"Best explanation of the subject matter I've had despite many CCW classes. Read the book and take this Outstanding class. A must for firearms instructors and responsibly armed citizens." --Douglas P.

"I found the information that Andrew Branca provided during his Level 1 Class to be current and relevant. It give a clear real life picture of the ramifications of using a deadly weapon to protect yourself in self-defense. I would recommend this course to any person whom already owns a gun, has conceal carry or thinking about getting a gun." --Wendy M.

And kindest of all: