Student Feedback to LOSD LEVEL 1 Class: North Carolina


Here's the student feedback we received so far to the Law of Self Defense LEVEL 1 Class we held in North Carolina this past weekend, June 10:

Andrew is very knowledgeable and presented the information in a clear, concise and logical manner. I had no idea about the legal aspects but now have a much better appreciation of the legal aspects of a self defense situation.The simulator module really helped to put the discussion into action. This was extremely valuable to me. And the experiences of others was also very beneficial. This class was extremely insightful and cleared up so much misinformation I had regarding use of force. Andrew is outstanding in taking the legal aspects and present this so that it is clear, concise and understandable to people like me that are not lawyers. The material and lectures were very enlightening and logical. The best part of this seminar was the simulator which really helped me to put our discussions into action. Thank you for providing such a rare, unique and outstanding class. --Dan K.

The simulation program was my favorite part, but it was all great. I've already been advertising it to friends, and talking to local gun stores about possibly hosting an event of their own. I am looking forward to your section on your website where you recommend lawyers in various states. I heartily recommend this class. Though they are optional, you NEED the slides, and the simulator is the best fun and educational. --Christopher O.

Well organized, the five components of self defense were explained well, and it was timely. I would recommend this class to everyone who has a firearm - or any weapon - for self defense. You need to win both the physical battle and the legal battle. Andrew gives you the tools to win the legal battle. --John R.

Andrew is clearly a leading authority on Self Defensive Law and the application in the courts. Time very well spent and gave excellent insight into how self defense law is applied. --Wyatt C.

The material and presentation were excellent and engaging. The material covered in this class should be part of NC concealed carry instructor training. The info from this class will help me address student's questions in a clear and concise manner. --Brian H.

The law was made clear so that a non-lawyer could understand it. Excellent class! Should be taken by anyone thinking they may get into an altercation and have to use defensive force. Should be REQUIRED for anyone thinking of using a firearm (or any "lethal weapon") in defense of self or others. --John N.

Andrew answered specific questions. NC specific case study. This class should be mandatory for CCW holders. --Anonymous

Salient material delivered clearly with examples of how relevant. --William Z.

Great subject matter. I plan on attending Class Level 2 when next in NC. --John R.

Great information. --Eric W.

And finally: