More Feedback to LOSD LEVEL 1 Class: North Carolina


More feedback on our "Law of Self Defense LEVEL 1 Class: North Carolina" that was held in Raleigh on June 10:

"Andrew always tried to answer our questions in a real world perspective. The simulator experience made the 7 hours of classroom instruction worth it. Highly endorse the simulator experience on a price versus value basis. I am recommending it to everyone I talk to who is interested in LOSD. Slides notebook is absolutely essential to get value from the course due to the pace. Timing and number of breaks were excellent, especially for us seniors. Anyone who carries a concealed weapon in NC should take this course and the simulator option. The price versus value option is without question. The laws of physics, the laws of God, and the laws of man do not change with convenience, naivety, stupidity, self-pity, or belief. In this case: the laws of the state of North Carolina." --Don W.

"Plenty of good information. No time wasted. I like having the slides available for future reference. It is so easy to focus on the firearms. And practicing the tactical side of self defense that we can lose sight of the legal aspects of these actions in the event they turn in to a real life situation. Andrew's class is an absolute must for anyone who cares to have a better understanding of use of force laws. This information will calibrate your way of thinking to help you make the best decisions. It is presented in such a way that you will quickly grasp the issues without ever having to interpret the legalese of the lawyer world." --Stephen S.

"I really liked the detail and examples that Andrew provided. They sure went above and beyond what I thought I knew from the lovely concealed carry class we took several years ago. Also LOVED that he kept to the schedule - so many presenters run over! Andrew made dry, complicated legalese into understandable segments for the lay student! Anyone that owns a gun should have this state oriented knowledge!" --Melody H.