Initial Feedback to LOSD LEVEL 1 Class: California


Initial feedback to our "Law of Self Defense LEVEL 1 Class: California" held in Los Angeles this past Saturday:

“As an attorney, I found this to be the best MCLE I've ever done - it was on a topic which is quite important to me as a self-protection enthusiast. It was a great mix of humor and information. The simulator was awesome. Experience and debrief is an excellent way to learn, even when it concerns others. If you believe in protecting yourself and your loved ones, this class is a must. You don't want to win the actual fight, only to wind up losing the war in criminal court. “ --Attorney Steve S.

“Liked that the class was specific to California laws. The class provided great information, well presented. “ --Kyle D.

“I liked everything about the class, all CCWs need to take this class. The price was a bit of a struggle because I am not a rich guy but still worth it. I recommend this class for all CCWs and especially those considering a CCW.” --Tom W.