Supreme Court Declines to Hear "Peruta"


The Supreme Court declined today to hear the appeal on the Peruta "right to carry" case out of California. The Progressive fascists will naturally described this as a "blow to the Second Amendment." In fact, it's nothing of the sort. The Supreme Court declining to hear a case is literally simply a non-opinion.  Trump will be replacing several more Justices, and the pro-2A balance on the court will only be more favorable moving forward.

So, justice has perhaps been delayed to those of you living in one of the few remainingfascist gun-control states--CA, NY, NJ, MA, MD--but it is not yet denied. Hang on a bit longer, Ginsburg can't live forever, even at her current fungus-like level of functioning, and Sotomayor will sooner or later choke herself out on that school paste she so enjoys.

Justice Thomas made the effort to write a dissent to the Supreme Court's decision to not review Peruta, and Gorsuch joined that dissent: