Student Feedback to LOSD LEVEL 1 Class: California


This past weekend we held a pair of Law of Self Defense LEVEL 1: California classes in Sacramento CA (and we're back again in February 2018, with both a LEVEL 1 and LEVEL 2 class!).  These were graciously hosted by the local chapter of The Well Armed Woman and The Gun Range. We've now gathered our feedback from students, and as has become our practice are sharing it here. (As always, we respect all requests for anonymity from our students.)

As a lawyer myself, I really appreciated Andrew's no-nonsense and practical manner of presentation. Another thing I appreciated about Andrew's presentation was that it wasn't full of exaggeration. He presented the legal risk in a very mature and practical manner. If you carry a weapon, concealed or otherwise, you would be well advised to take this class. The material is thoroughly researched and presented in a no-nonsense fashion by an attorney who is well-versed in the law of self-defense. Every minute in class is dedicated to learning; there is no wasted time. If Andrew comes to Sacramento again, I'm going and taking my two adult sons. This is information that can save your life: physically, emotionally, and economically.

--Attorney Tom S.

Very good interaction; presented a very useful paradigm for the elements of self defense. Andrew Branca's Law of Self Defense needs to be on the "to do" list, near the top, of everyone who has a gun for self defense.

--Attorney Frank E.

Very informative, fact based not just opinions, theories and stories. I also liked that the breaks were kept to the time (5-6 min) that was given. While I am not an attorney, as a paralegal I have taken CLE classes before and this was far and away the best. Not only very informative, but less like a lecture of dry information and more interesting/interactive. An outstanding class. Basic enough for those without any legal training, but still informative for those with a legal background. Connects the areas between training, the self-defense shooting, and the legal aftermath; their interdependence. This course shows how proper training and knowledge will help not only in handling the legal battle, but how the same knowledge and forethought can be even more essential before and during the self-defense shooting itself. Interesting and informative for those that never carry a self-defense weapon, essential for those that do.

--Larry M.

So much to like! Awesome expertise and excellent presentation skills. Great Balance of knowledge, experience, examples, and practical applications. Well organized and allowance to ask questions was outstanding as well. Terrific handouts and book too. All exceptional! The faculty was very good as well. No class on the relevant laws of self defense even comes close to the awesome presentation and management of this wonderful experience proved by Andrew! He breaks down a most complex array of information and cases outlining the elements involved in a claim of self defense such that a wide variety of people can understand it to include lawyers, instructors, law enforcement as well as those invoked in the shooting sports or in those who wish to prepare themselves for issues raised in their own self defense or defense of others. Everyone interested in the possible use of firearms for self defense should take this course to protect themselves and their families from legal complications arising from a self defense incident. Stunning course!!

--Ralph A.

I appreciate Mr. Branca's time in answering all of our questions throughout the class and the simulator. He was generous with his time, answers, and his skillful knowledge. Before taking the level 1 class I knew nothing about the law of self-defense. But after taking the class in California I have a thorough understanding of the five elements of the Law of Self Defense, and look forward to participating in the level 2 class. Also, participating in the simulator class was beneficial since it put me in situations to apply what was learned in the level 1 class, and the discussions afterwards enhanced my thought process in quickly evaluating certain dangerous and threatening circumstances where I needed to immediately determine whether to use my firearm to protect myself or use another means of safeguarding myself.

--Cynthia G.

Provided a logical approach to making decisions. Andrew Brandt is a talented presenter that kept me awake and entertained during our 7-hour in-depth study of a very difficult subject. He not only knows his subject well, but was able to convey the information to me in easy-to-understand language. Even as a new handgun owner with very little knowledge of the law, I found his presentation extremely helpful. He provided me clear and logical steps to use when considering my options and making decisions that will impact the rest of my life. I left the class with practical, useful knowledge of the law and its implications. Because of his class, I know I will be much better prepared to defend myself for using my firearm in self-defense should I ever find myself in that unfortunate position.

--Deann S.

Mr. Branca presentation made the material very easy to understand. I would recommend this training for anyone who has or carries firearm and would use it to defend their life, or the life of their family. Mr. Branca's presentation takes very complex legal issues and relates them is such a manner anyone can easily understand and retain. The class was fast paced never boring with a nice touch of humor. There is a tremendous amount of detail on what constitutes an imminent threat, and the difference in an imminent deadly threat and a non-deadly one. With an emphasis on having another plan or tool in the tool box. Mr. Branca's presentation nailed these points very effectively. Anyone who attends this class I would encourage the purchase of the slides/notes and the experience of the simulator. Wasn't sure what to expect with those additions to the class, but I can tell you well worth the money, which like the class was priced very reasonable.

--Truman J.

Andrew's class was great! His content was spot-on and his presentation style was friendly, open, humorous and professional. He was very responsive to audience members' questions and respected even novice questions. Yet the content he covered was well above novice and beginner levels. His videos illustrated his points remarkably well. I recommend his classes highly. Furthermore, as I gain more experience, I am eager to try his simulator module, particularly to measure my progress training.


Very informative as to the five aspects for a case to be deemed self-defense. It was also very interactive and allowed us to ask questions throughout the presentation. As a new CCW holder this was very informative as to the legal ramifications if there were to be an incident. Andrew thoroughly explained the five criteria necessary for an event to be deemed self-defense. I would recommend this course to anyone who will be carrying a firearm and the things to consider before using it in self-defense.

--Sue C.

Andrew was obviously very knowledgeable on how the law looks at self defense. The class was energetic and he covered a great deal of information.Totally held my attention. Also he made sure we knew every element of a self defense plea. Anyone who has a firearm must take this class.

--Cherry F.

I am looking forward to the Level 2 class in Feb. Trying to talk my wife into the level 1 the day before.

--Dennis P.

My husband and I attended together and we both agree , we liked the quick pace of the class. There was never a lull. Andrews stories and antidotes were a nice balance to all the facts.


Andrew was very articulate as well as ready and willing to answer questions. I wish this was mandatory for all CCW holders at the very least. This class is an absolute MUST for CCW holders. Just having the legal right to carry a firearm does not prepare you for the legal, moral & ethical consequences if you ever must use it.

--Shelley J.

Easy to follow the material. Great examples and stories.

--Jennifer A.

Very thorough. Andrew is very knowledgeable on the subject and threw the right amount of humor into the presentation.


I would recommend this to every gun owner.  I had no idea how complex self-defense laws were. This class was not only invaluable but now I know I have expect ongoing changes to how the law is interpreted but that I am responsible for staying informed.

--Kate B.

Fast paced, great value, simulator, actionable information. I enjoyed all aspects of the presentation, presenter, facilities, simulator, and being with fellow TWAW and others.


Thought the information was well presented and questions were answered. I've already recommended this class to my friends who carry concealed. This is information they should have before they get into a use of deadly force situation.

--Debra J.

Andrew is very knowledgeable on the subject matter and easy to follow. This experience just solidifies that I need to follow Andrew's work more closely to stay mentally prepared for any use of force encounter. This is a must attend class for anyone interested in a use of force continuing education.

--James H.

The class was AWESOME! Looking forward to taking the level 2 class!


Informative, I loved the info and fast pace, never got bored. My husband who is very active, sits in a chair and with 10 minutes is out. He did not doze once. He has always shot guns and rifles, hunting growing up. Still amazed at all information.

--Cindy T.

It was a fantastic class!! I'm looking forward to the Level 2 Class in Feb!

--Steve J.

Really liked the depth of knowledge, easily presented. The best seven hours I've spent in a classroom.

--Thomas L.

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