Student Feedback to LOSD LEVEL 1 Class: Louisiana


This past weekend we held a Law of Self Defense LEVEL 1: Louisiana classes in New Orleans, LA.  These were graciously hosted by NOLATAC Training & Consulting. We've now gathered our feedback from students, and as has become our practice are sharing it here. (As always, we respect all requests for anonymity from our students.)

Most liked the depth of the information and specificity of the content. The Louisiana Law of Self-Defense course filled in a lot of holes in my knowledge about LA self-defense law. Furthermore, it corrected a lot of long-held misinformation I had received without the accompanying background info to help me know it was wrong. As much as this class taught me "new info", it was also a Legal Mythbusting class in regards to urban legends and things "my uncle the cop" told me. --Brannon L.

I most liked the high quality content. Andrew's class ought to be considered a mandatory requirement for anyone who has a concealed handgun permit. --Rolf P.

Class was professional, organized, and had a detailed curriculum. Excellent presentation and responses to student questions and 'hypothetical' situations. Andrew is a very patient man. His tactfulness and diplomacy was outstanding when the students drifted a bit far away from the topic of the moment. Much more patient than I would have been. "A 'must have' course for anyone carrying or considering carrying a handgun for self-defense. I've had a concealed carry permit for 20 years, study the topic of concealed carry assiduously and I am amazed at how much I learned from the book and this course. Outstanding" --Ronnie L.

Most liked Andrew translating legalese into plain English and illustrating the application of the law with concrete examples. I thought the simulator module was excellent, would have liked to spent more time on it. Maybe it should be part of main Seminar and not optional. Having to justify your actions in each scenario and Andrew's analysis of each scenario strongly reinforce the lecture portion of the seminar. I'm an early graduate of the Instructors Program, and I'm really glad I attended this seminar. It helped answer questions I still had concerning my state's laws and how the courts interpret them. --Anonymous

Really enjoyed how the format of the class is designed. Andrew has a no nonsense approach in delivering the material. This class is well worth the time and investment. While it is important to get training on how to defend ourselves with lethal and less than lethal it is equally important to get training on when it is acceptable to use that training. This class will fill in the gaps and clear up any confusion that you have heard or received from your CCW class or the internet ninjas. --Taylor M.

We expect NOLATAC will be inviting us back in 2018! If you'd like to find a Law of Self Defense Class in your area, simply click here. If you don't see a class near you, you might consider hosting a class yourself or asking a local gun store or instructor if they'd be interested in hosting a class. Hosts attend free, and typically make several hundred dollars in revenue share. Click here for more information on hosting.