Student Feedback to LOSD LEVEL 2 Class: Louisiana


This past weekend we held a Law of Self Defense LEVEL 2: Louisiana classes in New Orleans, LA.  These were graciously hosted by NOLATAC Training & Consulting. We've now gathered our feedback from students, and as has become our practice are sharing it here. (As always, we respect all requests for anonymity from our students.)

Specific case studies that spoke to concept driven elements of the law in LA as a compliment to the Level 1 course. The Level 2 class takes a deep dive into specific cases in the focus state, often about local cases familiar to the attendees, that provide real incidents to the topics and concepts discussed in Level 1. Level 2 allows participants to "pick apart" these cases with the benefits of actual facts to learn how to find the various elements previously discussed instead of using vague hypotheticals. At the same time, I was made aware of several very unique nuances in our law that I was unaware of and are pivotal to sound defensive decision making. --Brannon L.

Small enough to be given individual attention and Andrew didn't talk over our heads. Certainly had his ducks in a row---well organized even when we would interrupt his thought process during a point he was making.. Extremely knowledgeable. --Ron D.

Andrew was considerate and patient in explaining detail. Andrew's class is more than worth the investment, and ought to be considered a requirement for anyone who carries a firearm. --Rolf P.

Very informative and interesting, lots of info. Have taken other legal classes, this one by far was the most informitave, practical, and interesting. The group was kept engaged the whole time. --Barry H.

Most liked Andrew's ability to translate legalese into plain English and illustrate examples to apply the principles. I'm a graduate of the Instructor's Program, and taking the Level 1 and 2 Louisiana seminars were valuable in filling in the gaps and answering some questions I still had concerning my state's laws and interpretations. Absolutely invaluable. --Anonymous

Liked the personalized interaction and quick articulation. I had first started getting interested into the legal theory concerning homicide and justifiable homicide while discussing the Zimmerman case and found myself unable to articulate some points or not sure what arguments were valid. I started by studying Branca's blogging about the case and eventually read Massad Ayoob's Deadly Force, for a general understanding of self defense legal theory. While the books and blog posts gave me a decent understanding I felt I still lacked an in depth understanding of the structural arguments. Now with this class, I've a fair bit of confidence that I can discuss the issue of self defense and be both accurate and precise in my arguments. Or if, heaven forbid, I get involved in a use of force incident, I'll have acted legally and will be able to support my actions as such. --Les B.

We expect NOLATAC will be inviting us back in 2018! If you'd like to find a Law of Self Defense Class in your area, simply click here. If you don't see a class near you, you might consider hosting a class yourself or asking a local gun store or instructor if they'd be interested in hosting a class. Hosts attend free, and typically make several hundred dollars in revenue share. Click here for more information on hosting.