LOSD Supports Adam Kraut for NRA Board ... and You Should, Too


Hey folks, Does it seem to you as if the NRA Board of Directors has been making some sub-optimal decisions as of late? It certainly seems that way to me, as a life-long NRA Life-Benefactor member, and I am to use my rights as a member to advocate for change.

The NRA remains the nation's leading Second Amendment civil rights organization, but that doesn't mean it's perfect, nor that there isn't room for improvement. Indeed, in some respects it seems that the NRA's focus has shifted from maximizing the interests of their members to maximizing the interests of the organization itself. In other words, it seems as if the organization has become self-serving. And that's bad for the members, and bad for the Second Amendment.

The gun culture has arguably been in version 2.0 for quite some years at this point, and I'd suggest we're already in the process of transitioning into version 3.0. A self-serving NRA Board locked in version 1.0 is inadequate to our needs as a gun community and a nation.

A key part of the solution, to my mind, is getting some new, fresh blood on the NRA Board of Directors. One such candidate currently running for an NRA Board seat whom we support is Adam Kraut, and we urge all of you to take a look at what Adam has to say and consider supporting him, as well.

"Support" doesn't mean money, Adam's not asking for a dime. What he DOES need, however, are signatures for his position for nomination to get himself listed on the NRA ballot. You do need to be an NRA Member (you ARE, aren't you?), and that's sufficient qualification for you to sign the petition. That petition, with instructions, and some background information on Adam are embedded below.

If you'd care to not just sign the petition yourself but also collect a few additional signatures, as well, I'm sure Adam would be appreciative.

Thanks for your attention and consideration, folks. As promised, here's that petition and information packet. More information on Adam can also be found by clicking here.