Shooting MP5 & Thompson at the FBI Academy


So yesterday afternoon was my talk to the FBI National Academy, "“Falsified Use-of-Force Narratives As Drivers of Civil Unrest and Hostility to Law Enforcement." Maybe more on that later. Thanks to Special Agent Neil Rogers of the FBI Firearms Training Unit in the morning I got to spend some time on the FBI ranges shooting some fun guns

This is a full-auto, integrally suppressed MP5 (9mm, natch). With a little practice it's not at all heard to do a full-mag ammo dump into the down-zero area of an IDPA-style target.

Some video clips of me shooting the MP5:

Here is a prohibition-era Thompson, also full-auto. In single-shot mode it's amazingly soft to shoot--perhaps not surprising given that it weighs something like 15 pounds. On full auto (yep, more ammo dumps) it CLIMBS up and right, HARD. Very difficult to control. Also, the rear site is pretty much vestigial. I will say that the 20 round stick magazines go empty FAST on full-auto.

Some video clips of me shooting the Thompson:

Finally, I also got to shoot the Bureau's new handgun, the Glock 19M, but forgot to take pictures--sorry. Also, there are some internal technical details I don't believe I'm permitted to share, but I can't remember which ones, so I'm going to skip those entirely.

I will say that it is a FANTASTIC shooter. The trigger is fantastic. Under 5 pounds and a very clean break--none of that spongey-spongey-spongey take-up of the typical Glock trigger. Much shorter travel. The gun also feels much different in the hand than have other Glocks I've shot. It feels much like when I switched from the medium grip module to the small grip module on my 320. Also, the stippling is outstanding, without being too aggressive. The gun just locks into the hand. Shooting both practice and duty ammo (Gold Dot G2 147g) the gun (the 19-sized Glock as mentioned) was a very soft shooter. Really, the whole package is a delight. I'm told it may be a couple of years before they're available on the civilian market, but when they are I certainly plan to pick one up.

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