FBI Audience Feedback to LOSD Talk: 93% "Stellar"


Just got the feedback to my talk at the FBI National Academy yesterday: "Falsified Use-of-Force Narratives As Drivers of Civil Unrest and Hostility to Law Enforcement." About an hour talk, then 30 minutes Q&A. I talked about cases like George Zimmerman, Freddie Gray, Mike Brown, Philando Castile, Joseph Walker, Theodore Wafer, Marissa Alexander, etc. Controversial cases, in other words. There was some heated Q&A from a couple of the LEOs in the audience--well, the QUESTIONS were heated. My replies were not--I know when I'm speaking to an armed audience. :-)

Anyway, just heard from the Special Agent who worked through the review cards. Of 59 in attendance:

55 "stellar" 1 "lukewarm" 3 "negative"

I'll do better next time, assuming they have me back for a next time.

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