Great "Gun Control Sucks" Post by Tim Chandler on Facebook


Tim Chandler on Facebook:

Here's the deal:

Yelling at people who have no appetite for gun control does not sway them. I have listened to this argument my entire life. I have heard every single argument it is possible to make on this topic so many times that I can recite them all without conscious thought.

I did not arrive at my position on this issue casually. I have spent my entire adult life learning, researching, and thinking through the issues and the problem. Where I stand is the end result of a deliberate process informed by events, informed by behavior of others, informed by what I've experienced and what I've seen.

I did not arrive at my position on this issue casually. I have accumulated a depth of knowledge on this topic that vastly surpasses anything you see from any of the people they pay to show up on a TV screen...where they pretend to know things. I **actually** know things because I have made it a priority to know them. There are many things in the world I know absolutely nothing about. If you want to talk Etruscan sculpture, ophthalmic surgery, or photography I don't know a damn thing. Way outside my wheelhouse. But guns? I know guns. I've got more hours learning and researching on this topic than many PHD's have invested in their discipline.

I did not arrive at my position on this issue casually. You can yell all you want, virtue signal all you want, jump up and down and call me all the names you can muster. It don't mean beans to me. I have made peace with the fact that there are people in this world who will take my life and rape my corpse for sport, sport. Do you really think it hurts my feelings if you call me a bad person?

I mean, on top of all the other reasons you have been eager to label me as the epicenter of all evil, I'm supposed to take you extra super duper seriously when you say I'm a monster on this because I don't agree that policy on guns should be made by people who can't reliably identify which end the bullet comes out of and can't give a cogent explanation of existing laws. Riiight. So apart from being catastrophically wrong about ***every single thing*** coming out of your face hole, I'm supposed to just genuflect and subject myself to your control because LOUD NOISES!!! WHY DON'T YOU WANT COMMON SENSE GUN LAWS!!!

Well, firstly, it's highly unlikely the person screaming and yelling is actually the reasonable person in a discussion. The idea that you want "reasonable" things when you are screeching at BURN THE WITCH!!! levels is laughable.

Secondly, I have seen all your proposals before and I know there is not a drop of common sense to be found in them. I know that ultimately what you want is to make sure I can't own guns because YOU think they are icky and no one should have them. I know that in the aftermath of horrible things your side has actually proposed door-to-door confiscation. You aren't negotiating, you are seeing what you can get away with.

What you are trying to do is use emotional blackmail to intimidate me into letting you have your way today. With the full expectation that you can do the same thing next week, and the week many times as necessary until you have what you ultimately want. It is as sensible as my neighbor coming to my front door and demanding that my leg be chopped off to appease his conception of god, and then being incensed that I'm not even willing to negotiate down to chopping off just my foot.

No, I'll just keep what's mine, thanks. Because you have no idea what you are talking about, what you want is completely insane and unacceptable, and the only thing you can provide to back your insane request is a display of foaming-at-the-mouth hysterics that would embarrass an actual witch doctor.

I'm not alone, chief. The reason why you get zero traction no matter how eager you are to splash around in the blood of victims is because we've been down this road before. More and more people have done their homework and come to the same realizations.

They didn't arrive at their position on this issue casually. They are unmoved by your yelling. They no longer give a damn what labels you want to throw at them. They're wise to your game. They're not moving.

They're not moving because the world has always been a dangerous place...but they know it's going to be a much more dangerous place if they allow uninformed, and almost unhinged people to have control. Because the world, dangerous as it can be at the moment, is greatly preferable to the horror show it will be if you screaming jackasses get your way.