Law of Self Defense Podcast: October 25, 2017


This video podcast is mostly a capture of the 30-minute Facebook Live session conducted on October 25, 2017. Topics covered include: another example of why it’s essential that you educate yourself on self-defense law rather than presume someone else, even a criminal defense attorney, knows what they’re talking about; the difference between “hard” and “soft” Stand-Your-Ground; whether it’s a good idea to document your specialized knowledge using Mas Ayoob’s “mail your class notes to yourself” approach; the meaning of the term “curtilage” in the context of self-defense law in general and Castle Doctrine in particular; the relevance of Supreme Court cases like Tennessee v. Garner to civilian use of defensive force; whether you’re open to an assault charge if you draw a gun on a home invader who turns and leaves.

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