Free Gun Safety Class, Inexpensive Certificate for CCW


Hey folks, So I've been made aware of an interesting offering from Ryan Cleckner of RocketCCW, and thought I'd share it with you. I first met Ryan just a couple of months ago while I was teaching a class in Tennessee, and was impressed by his background and gun savvy, as well as his creative offerings for the gun community.

In essence, Ryan is offering a free online basic handgun safety course, and an opportunity to obtain a certificate that meets the standards for applying for a Virginia non-resident CCW--valid for concealed carry in up to 32 states--for just $39.95. So, to be clear: the information provided in the online safety class is completely free, there's only a cost if you also want the VA-compliant certificate at the end.

Naturally, no online safety class can take the place of hands-on gun safety instruction from a qualified, competent firearms instructor, so this online class shouldn't be seen as displacing such instruction. If you don't already know handgun safety, I urge you to get trained, in person, by a professional. That said, an online refresher on gun safety can't hurt anybody, and the information is free, so there's certainly no downside.

What's most interesting about Ryan's offering is that it provides an efficient, low-cost path to a VA non-resident CCW permit, and that permit is valid in up to 32 states (subject, of course, to each states' own CCW laws and policies).

In any case, I just wanted to bring this to your attention, for those who might be interested. You can learn more about this offer in particular and Ryan in general at RocketCCW: Free Basic Handgun Safety Course.

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