Zimmerman Case: Experts Call State’s Scream Claims “Absurd” “Ridiculous” and “Imaginary Stuff”


Hey folks, A few minutes ago I put up my most recent blog coverage of the Zimmerman case at the Legal Insurrection web site.

In it I cover  yesterday's testimony of the defense's expert witnesses on speech science, Dr. J.P. (Peter) French and Dr. George Doddington.  Their testimony was terribly destructive of the State's expert witnesses (Mr. Tom Owens and Dr. Alan R. Reich) and their testimony, and both men repeatedly laughed out loud at the State's expert's testimony and methodology.

A cynical person might suspect that the terrible performance of Mr. Owens and Dr. Reich for the State, and the powerful response by the defense experts Dr. Hirotake Nakasone, Dr. J.P. French, and Dr. George Doddington, could make it more likely, rather than less, that Judge Nelson would approve their testimony for trial.  For an explanation why,  check out my CRAZY IDEA OF THE DAY at the bottom of my Legal Insurrection blog post.

The Zimmerman court is currently recessed with jury selection to start on Monday, so we might all have a day off the case for today.  It's looks like a beautiful Sunday here in New England, and trust you'll all enjoy a similarly great day.