FDLE Forensic Report: Zimmerman's Gun & Fatal Bullet


Hey folks, Many of you may have heard bits and pieces about the gun and ammo that George Zimmerman used to save his life on that fateful night, but we all know that facts and details can become blurry as it gets propagated on the internet on the internet.

For those who are always curious about the exact firearm in a news story, I've acquired a copy of the official Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE) Forensic Laboratory Report on Zimmerman's gun and ammo, and I thought I'd share the details of that with you, as well as provide a PDF of the official report itself (available at the bottom of this post).

The Gun

Zimmerman used a Kel-Tec model PF-9 semiautomatic pistol, serial number RJY08.  Ironically, Kel-Tec is headquartered in Cocoa, FL, less than 50 miles, as the crow flies, from where Martin forfeited his life.

As the model name suggests, PF-9 is a typical 9mm delayed-action semi-auto design.  As per the manufacturers specs, the PF-9 is a single-stack 9mm holding 7+1.  It has a ~3" barrel, has a loaded weight of only about 18 oz..  The trigger pull is advertised as being 5 pounds, but the forensics lab tested Zimmerman's gun at an even better 4 1/2 to 4 3/4 pounds.  It is a DAO design.  Prices new online seem to range around $300, +/- 10%.  The lab test fired the pistol with three FMJ rounds from their own inventory, and one of the rounds recovered with the gun.

 The Ammo

The ammo used was 115 grain JHP 9mm (of course) from Sellier & Bellot.  When recovered the pistol had a round in the chamber and 6 round in the magazine.  This is consistent with the gun having been loaded to it's 7+1 capacity at the time the fatal shot was fired.

A brass cartridge case was also recovered at the scene, presumably from the round fired.

The terminal ballistics of the bullet in this instance were outstanding, with the jacket separating from the lead bullet core in three segments (15.2 grains, 3.8 grains, and 1.8 grains, respectively), and the lead bullet core itself (94.2 grains).  Combined, all fragments totaled 115 grains.

Forensic analysis definitively matched the bullet and the brass to Zimmerman's gun, although this was never in doubt as Zimmerman has from the start maintained that the bullet that killed Martin came from his pistol, as required to save Zimmerman's life.

The Report

To see a photocopy of the original FDLE Forensic Laboratory Report on Zimmerman's gun and ammo, click here:

FDLE Zimmerman Gun Forensic Lab Report 3-8-12






FLDE Lab Report-Gun 3-8-12