Zimmerman Trial Day 3: Mid-Day Analysis of State's Case & Witnesses

Hey folks, Today marks the third day of the trial proper, with the State continuing to present it's case and witnesses. I've just posted a mid-day update for the testimony, direct and cross, provided so far.

Zimmerman Update Exclusive–Witnesses: TM on ground when shot, GZ on top in fight

We will be covering the trial all day, with live-coverage, streaming video, and an embedded Twitter feed of selected contributors.

You can watch it all live here:

Zimmerman Trial LIVE VIDEO – Day 3 – State’s Witnesses

We're also trying something new today: a brief mid-day wrap-up during the lunch recess, as linked above, and a brief end-of-day wrap-up in the five-o'clock hour, as well as the usual detailed end-of-day wrap-up later in the evening.

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To see yesterday's very, very bad day for the prosecution, click here:

Zimmerman Trial Day 2 – Analysis of State’s Witnesses

Enjoy, Andrew @LawSelfDefense

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