Zimmerman Trial: Evidentiary Flashback: Investigator Serino Tells FBI He Was Pressured to Bring Charges


Little known to many observers of the Zimmerman trial is the full role of Investigatory Chris Serino. Serino was among the first on the scene, arriving after Zimmerman had been transported to the Sanford Police Department, but early enough to begin interviewing witnesses. We all know by now that Zimmerman was not arrested for the shooting of Trayvon Martin for several weeks after the shooting. The reason is that after having interviewed Zimmerman numerous times--always without counsel present--the police believed that probably cause did not exist for a an arrest.

So what changed, given that charges were ultimately brought?

One thing we know for certain, although it's been little reported in the mainstream media, is the Investigator was receiving considerable pressure from within his own department to bring charges against Zimmerman, charges Serino believed were unwarranted (or he would have recommended them).

How do we know this? The Federal Bureau of Investigation told us. From the March 3, 2012 investigative report produced by Special Agent Elizabeth C. Alexander and Special Agent Matthew R. Oliver, we learn the following:

Serino is concerned that many of the leaks in this case are coming from within the Sanford Police Department. He listed Sergeant AUTHOR BARNS, REBECCA VILLENOVA (phonetic), AND TREKELL PERKINS as all pressuring him to file charges against ZIMMERMAN after the incident. Serino did not believe he had enough evidence at the time to file charges. Serino also stated that Barns is friendly with TRACY MARTIN and Barns asked Serino for Martin's phone number but ended up getting the phone number from another source. Serino believed that after his conversation with Tracy Martin regarding the death of his son, Tracy Martin left the police station understanding why charges against ZIMMERMAN had not been filed. Serino was not sure why or when Tracy Martin changed his views and Martin now believes the shooting was racially motivated.

You can read the original Federal Bureau of Investigation report for yourself here:  FBI interview of Chris Serino

And now you know the rest of the story.

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