Zimmerman Trial Day 9 -- Families Feud Over Scream Identification


Today began with the expectation that it would the the day on which the State rested it's case. That proved true, and it was. It was also among the most bizarre and disturbing days of a lengthy trial full to the brim with bizarre and disturbing days. The first State witness of the day was, as anticipated Sabryna Fulton, followed by her son Jaharvis Fulton, both of whom testified that the screams on the Jenna Lauer 911 recording were those of Trayvon Martin. The State then presented the most bizarre Medical Examiner testimony I have ever seen in my long legal career--I barely touch on it in the wrap-up, but check out my Twitter feed for highlights (@LawSelfDefense).

With that the State rested, the defense made its mid-trial motion for a directed verdict of acquittal, some fireworks ensued, and Judge Nelson pimp-slapped the defense and denied their motion. More juicy details are contained in the wrap-up lined below.

Then, at 5PM, Judge Nelson insisted the defense begin their case. They called two surprising witnesses back-to-back: Gladys Zimmerman, George's mother, and Jorge Meza, George's uncle. Both testified compellingly, emotionally but firmly, that the screamer on the Jenna Lauer recording was George Zimmerman. Their testimony, especially that of Officer Meza, is worth the listen.

To read the end-of-week wrap-up, click the link below:

Zimmerman Trial Day 9 — Live Video — Families Feud Over Scream Identification

This weekend I will do an analysis of each side's mid-trial motion because I thought it provided considerable insight into what we can expect moving forward in the trial. I may also provide more detail on the remarkable testimony of Dr. Bao, Medical Examiner.

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Have a great and safe weekend, and keep your eyes open for ongoing Zimmerman content here and on Legal Insurrection.

--Andrew, @LawSelfDefense