Why Zimmerman’s Motion for Acquittal Should Have Been Granted


Hey folks, I just sent live, up at Legal Insurrection, my weekend Zimmerman post, entitled:

Why Zimmerman’s Motion for Acquittal Should Have Been Granted

It's a fairly lengthy exposition of the case made by Mark O'Mara for why Florida v. Zimmerman is a text-book example of a case in desperate need for a judgment of acquittal.  O'Mara's arguments were well-founded and supported by extensive case law (all of which I've hyperlinked to the full-length decisions stored here at Law of Self Defense, for your reading pleasure--you'll see the links in the piece.

Enjoy, and don't forget to join us tomorrow morning for our live video coverage at the trial starting at 9:00AM, as well as our rolling Twitter feed of selected contributors--including this humble attorney, identifiable on Twitter as @LawSelfDefense.

See you then!

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