Amazon: "Law of Self Defense, 2nd" now #1 Best Seller


Hey folks, Well, who would have thought it.

Amazon has just announced that "The Law of Self Defense, 2nd Edition," has become their #1 best seller.

Well, in their "Martial Arts" sales category. :-)

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I can't help but wonder if this Amazon review had anything to do with it:

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 Must read for EVERYONE, not just gun owners, July 14, 2013 By MAJ (New Jersey, USA) - See all my reviews This review is from: The Law of Self Defense (Paperback)

First off, I want to say I am not a gun owner. I have no issue with guns, but in the Peoples Republic of New Jersey it is difficult at best to get a defense weapon, and virtually impossible to get a carry permit.

Having said that, you would think that a book subtitled "The indispensable guide for the armed citizen" wouldn't have much relevance to non gun owners. You would be wrong.

Branca takes you on a journey through not only the laws of all self defense, but the theories and justifications of those acts. That is not an easy thing to do, and to do it in a concise yet still entertaining and readable format is almost impossible, yet he pulls it off.

This book takes a complex subject and makes it an easy read. I highly recommend it. In no way does Branca glorify killing, or any use of force, He explains the relevant principles that everyone should know and understand before ever raising your hands or a weapon in defense of self. I have trained in Martial Arts for well over a decade and after reading Branca's book I feel far more prepared and confident in self defense than I ever have - Not because it gave me any extra skills or tactics, but because it gave me the understanding of what I should think about before, and will happen afterwards, should I ever have to defend myself. That is something no martial arts or self defense class has ever done. I will be recommending his book to everyone at my Dojo. It should be required reading for every belt level test!

I know if I ever had to defend myself, I would hire Branca as my lawyer, no matter what he charged me!


Thanks, MAJ!  Hope we get to meet someday. :-)

Anyway, keep in mind that The Law of Self Defense, 2nd Edition is now available in both hard-copy (either here or at Amazon) and Kindle versions. (only at Amazon).

--Andrew @LawSelfDefense, #LOSD2 Facebook: Law of Self Defense