Stand-Your-Ground: Gun Control Zombies Exploit Grieving Black Community


As the racialist wing of our body politic suffers through the Kubler-Ross seven stages of grief at the "Not Guilty" verdict in the Zimmerman trial, we find that they are currently transitioning from the "Anger" to "Bargaining" stage. How do we know? Because all they want, they now tell us, is to "reform" the Stand-Your-Ground laws that currently exist in thirty-three states. You may, like any normal thinking person, be wondering how the heck the conversation turned to Stand-Your-Ground in the first place. After all, the Zimmerman case had nothing whatever to do with Stand-Your-Ground. Well, you can read all about it at Legal Insurrection by clicking here:

Radical Gun Control Zombies Exploit Grieving Black Community

--Andrew, @LawSelfDefense, #LOSD2

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